Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Once an advocate, who was a chronic smoker arrived at PRASANTHI NILAYAM. Due to his habit, Cancer had afflicted his throat. Doctors advised surgery along with radiation and chemotherapy. This advocate wanted SWAMI's permission before beginning the treatment.


The ever merciful BHAGAVAN invited him into the interview room & asked him to hold his palms together to form a bowl.


Then SWAMI materialized and poured a large quantity of VIBHUTHI into them & asked him to eat it all!!! It was dark in color & tasted like bitter gourd! SWAMI affectionately cajoled & persuaded him to finish it.


After the interview, the advocate went into the canteen to have a cup of coffee. When he was there, his eyes fell on nearby 'PAKODAS' (A savory crisply fried in oil) & unable to resist, he ate a plateful.


For a long time, due to the pain in his throat, he had not been able to eat properly despite his strong taste for food. But now he was able to comfortably eat, taste & relish the food!!! When he probed with his finger inside his mouth at the cancer affected spot, he FELT NO PAIN AT ALL!!!


He realized that the cancer had gone & was totally overwhelmed. Tears flooded his eyes as he remembered SWAMI's mercy.


When he was again called for interview the next day by SWAMI, the advocate fell on his feet & expressed his gratitude to BHAGAVAN. He told SWAMI that he was proficient in SINDHI Language & begged to be permitted to translate & publish the SINDHI edition of SANATHANA SARATHI, the monthly magazine from Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust from PRASANTHI NILAYAM.


SWAMI replied, "It's only for that purpose that I've made you come to PUTTAPARTHI!!!"


From then on the blessed person has been translating & publishing SANATHANA SARATHI in SINDHI!


PS: Your mission has begun. Only those whom I have called can serve me. I have prepared you for this work over many incarnations. I have drawn you to me. As you perform your silent work, I will embrace you to my heart & henceforth your soul shall be lifted up & your eyes will reveal my presence within. Your example will be that of ANGELS!!! – SRI SATHYA SAI BABA


See photos of the Inaugural issue of the
Sanathana Sarathi in February 1958 and the back cover in the first issue - an enigmatic Sai

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