Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When we visited Kodai Kanal in accordance with His direction, Saroja, a friend of ours, stayed with us. She would return every day from Swami's darshan and cry inconsolably. We asked her why. She said, "Swami has been ignoring me, He never looks at me nor talks to me".

This went on for a few days and she confided the cause of her anguish to several of us. We tried to provide many possible explanations to her that Swami was doing this for her own good, and that she must learn to accept it.

Since we ran out of options, we prayed fervently to Swami to grant the right explanation to Saroja. Following the prayers, I had a dream, in which Swami said, "Pass on this message to Saroja:

I know she is crying and this will console her. When the master of the house invites guests, will He attend to His family members or will He attend to the guests? Those who are close to Me, who are family members, should not think I am ignoring them! You are like gopis, you live for My sake; always thinking about what you should do to please Swami. You are family!" When I woke up in the morning, I related this to Saroja and she was overjoyed.

Swami has also said. "If you haven't practiced what I told you the first time, I will ignore you".

Once He told old devotees who would clamor for His padanamaskar (to touch His feet) and run after Him constantly: "Why do you run after My physical body for paadanamaskar? You can always visualize Me in your heart, and do any number of namaskaars. That yields much better results because you are doing it in your spiritual consciousness rather than the physical consciousness".

Swami says, "If you are constantly talking to Swami in your heart, where is the need for you to go to Puttaparthi and get an interview to talk to Swami? He is your maata, pita, bandhu, sakha (mother, father, companion, friend) - your everything. So, open your heart to Him and share everything. You must develop the conviction that He is in you."

As narrated by Mrs. Rani Subramanian, who originally hails from Tamil Nadu, came to Bhagavan Baba as early as 1950. Now 85 years old and fondly called 'Rani Maa' by Bhagavan, her life is a treasure-chest of scintillating experiences from yester years.

PS: VIBHUTHI has been sent to Chennai, Kerala & California against fresh requests.

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