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Mr Howard Murphet writes, "At Prasanthinilayam in 1967 I met Mr. Russi C.Patel, a Parsi of Bombay, and his wife. From them I learnt the story of their little daughter, Ketu."


 At the age of 2.5 years Ketu, could not speak, walk or even stand. She had been given various kinds of medical treatment, including modern drugs and physiotherapy. But nothing seemed to have any effect. The source of the trouble was mystery. Some thought it was a matter of mental retardation; others said that it was some kind of unknown deep seated nerve trouble."

This was the state of affairs in Feb 1965 when Mr. Patel decided to go to Parthi and see Sai Baba. His wife, who was a very orthodox Parsi, was not in favor of the idea, thinking it a waste of time and money.

Sivaratri festival was on when Mr. Patel arrived at the ashram and huge crowds were there. Several times he wrote a note, intending to hand over the note to Baba as the latter passed through the crowd near him, but each time, when he saw the little figure with the luminous face, full of light of understanding, he decided that it was not necessary and tore it up. "When Baba wants me He will call me up" Patel told his friends.

But the days passed and Baba never called him. Streams of people were going in to see SWAMI but not Patel. Then one morning, a few days after the creation of Sivalingam, it was announced that there would be no personal interviews. However Baba came over to the balcony and gave blessings to all the devotees before they went home. Mr. Patel felt the great compassion pour onto the crowd and into his own heart.

Yet in the train on the homeward journey his faith and spirits sank to a low level. He thought of the time he spent there and the chances of speaking to Baba he missed. He thought of his poor little daughter still unable to stand or utter a single word. He imagined his wife's reproaches about the time and money he had wasted. He arrived at the door of his house very depressed.

When he opened the door, the first sight his gaze met was little Ketu, who could not even stand when he had left, walking down halfway to meet him, calling out "Daddy, Daddy". He picked her up and embraced her, and then he embraced his wife, while both of them wept with joy over the miracle that had somehow taken place!!!

On checking the facts with his wife Mr. Patel found that Ketu had first begun to walk and speak on the day before he arrived home - just after Sai Baba had given his blessings from the balcony to the assembled devotees!!!


Some time afterwards Mr. Patel took his wife and daughter to see Baba when SWAMI was on a visit to Bombay. In the midst of the many thousands that crowd around Him in that metropolis, Sai Baba saw them, and in the words of Mr. Patel, " greeted the little girl as if she was an old friend returned after a long absence" He took her on His knee, materialized some vibhuthi, and put it in her mouth. After that her speech improved greatly and she began using longer words!!!

All this narration underlines the basic concept that He is not in Parthi alone and He does understand our problems without them being physically expressed. A sincere prayer would certainly move Him to make wonders.


From 'Man of Miracles' written by Howard Murphet

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