Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Just after 3 months of Prema Vahini, the compassionate Lord in May 1958 started another divine series "Sandeha Nivarini" (or the Clearance of Divine Doubts). Swami, interestingly, played a dual-role in these articles, that of the 'inquisitive devotee' as well as the 'enlightening guru', so that, perhaps, devotees can relate to it better and grasp its essence faster.


Devotee: What is the use of confidence and hope when one is not destined? Hope will only cause greater disappointment.


Swami: You should not hang on its favor, talking all the time of destiny, destiny... How can that destiny itself fructify without your will and wish, taking practical form, as action? Whatever be the destiny, it is essential to continue acting. Karma (Action) has to be done, even to attain one's destiny.


Devotee: If one is destined, everything will come of itself, isn't it?


Swami: That is a big mistake. If you sit quiet with the fruit in your hand, hoping that its juice will reach the mouth, how can you take it? It is sheer stupidity to complain that destiny denied you the juice, without squeezing and swallowing the fruit. Destiny gave the fruit into your hand; Karma alone can make you enjoy it. Karma is the duty; destiny, the result. Results cannot emerge without action.

Devotee: So, Swami, we should not sit with folded hands, placing all burdens on destiny, isn't it?


Swami: You should never underestimate your powers; engage yourselves in action commensurate with that power. For the rest, talk of destiny to your hearts content. It is wrong to desist from the appropriate Karma, placing reliance on destiny. If you do so, even destiny will slip out of your hands. Whoever he may be, he must engage himself in Karma.


PS: Vibhuthi has been sent to BANGALORE, ABU DHABI,BAHRAIN & SRI LANKA.

We wouldn't be sending any articles / messages till the 3rd DEC. '08.



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