Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Krishna was a very poor boy. He lived in the village with his mother. His father was dead. When Krishna was 5 years old, his mother sent him to school. The road seemed very long. Krishna thought he had lost his way. He went on and on, till he saw the other village boys going to school. He joined them, and at last reached school.

He had a happy time at school. When lessons were over, he played games with the other boys. It was almost dark when he set out for home. It was a long way back to home. It grew darker and darker. Krishna was very much afraid. He did not know what to do. So he began to run, and he did not rest till he was in his mother's arms.

Next morning Krishna told his mother that he did not want to go to school. "But," said his mother, "You had a happy time at school yesterday, my child, and learnt many beautiful things! You said you loved your lessons. Why do you not wish to go to school today?"

"I love school and my lessons, mother," replied, "but I am afraid to go alone through the woods, they are thick and dark."

So she said to Krishna: "You don't know, my child, their lives in these woods another son of mine who is always there near the path. Whenever you are afraid, call out Him, O, BABA, BABA, come with me to school!' He will come at once and take care of you, and then you will not be afraid.

So Krishna set out like a brave boy. But he had not gone very far when he began to feel afraid. So he called out, "O BABA, BABA, come and play with me!" A Boy appeared out of the tree, took the child's hand, and led him to school. When they came near the school, He parted from him, saying: "Call Me again on your way back home."

Every day, Krishna, while going to and coming back from school, would call BABA. They would play together all the way & Krishna came to love Him as he had never loved anyone before. His mother was not in the least surprised. She knew it was SWAMI who came to her son's help every day.

One day the school master said:" Tomorrow I want to give a feast. All of you, my boys, must bring something." So Krishna said to his mother that night, "Mother, our noble teacher is going to give a feast tomorrow. What should I take to him?"

So she said to him, "My boy, I am too poor to give you anything for your teacher. But, while going to school in the morning, ask BABA to give you something." So in the morning Krishna told BABA, "O BABA, my teacher is going to give a feast today. All the boys will be bringing something. Will you, give me something for my Master?"

Here is a little bowl of milk. That's all I can give you, Krishna. But you must give it to your teacher.' said BABA. Krishna went to his master's house & waited behind a crowd of boys who were handing over what they had brought.

The teacher took the small bowl of milk from his hands and went to empty it into a big pan. But great was his wonder when the little bowl filled up again. Again he tried to empty it, and again the little bowl was full. And so he went on emptying it again and again, but still the little bowl was full!!!

The teacher asked him, "From where did you get this milk?" Krishna replied, "From my friend BABA, who lives in the woods."

"Who is He?" asked the teacher.

"One who comes and plays with me on my way to school," replied Krishna.

"Can you show me HIM in the woods?"

"Yes, if you come along with me, Sir."

So in the evening the teacher and Krishna went together to the place. When they got there, Krishna called: "O, BABA, BABA" but no one appeared. Krishna did not know what to do. He called and called, but there was no answer. At last the boy, full of grief, cried, "O BABA, if you do not appear, they will think I'm not telling the truth."

Then a voice was heard from the deep woods, which seemed to say, "No, my little friend, I cannot show my face to your master. He still has a long way to go & he has to wait."

PS: You have to remove the desire for sense-objects and then go before the Lord, devoid of kaama (desire) and krodha (anger). You have to destroy your ego and surrender to the Lord. You will be accepted unto Him then & not before. BABA

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