Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The name that Vedanta uses for the Universal Spirit or Universal Soul is Atma, while the Individual Spirit or the Individualized Soul is called Jivatma.


If you want an analogy, the Jivatma is like a balloon, in which the rubber casing is like the body and the air within is like the spirit. A balloon has air within it and there is also air surrounding it; however, while the air within is "trapped," the air outside is "free".


As long as the balloon has an existence, the air within is trapped and cannot mix with that which is outside and free. However, if the balloon bursts, then the air within gets released and becomes free, and immediately mixes with the air outside.


The individual human soul has two options; one is to remain "trapped" and the other is to become "free"; Thus, if the Individual Soul merges with the Universal Soul the same way the air in the balloon becomes free and merges with the air outside, then it becomes possible to be eternally in a state of bliss.


What happens if no such merger takes place? Well in that case, the Individual Soul, being tied to the human body, has to face all the usual worldly experiences. "So what?" one might ask. The answer is that life is never a bed of roses; there are moments of pleasure and there are also moments of pain. As Swami often reminds us, pleasure is an interval between two pains.


The world is a manifestation of duality, which means that it is a mixture of opposites such as pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, success and failure, happiness and misery, and so on. In other words, the opposites are tied together like the two sides of a coin are; in turn, it means that one cannot have happiness forever.


As long as the Individual Soul is trapped in the body, this alternation of pleasure and pain is inevitable; that is to say, one simply cannot experience eternal bliss.


If eternal bliss is what one wants [and who would not want that?] then, one must make every effort to see that the Soul breaks free of the body and set it free for ever; this is like making the balloon burst.

The formula is: While on earth, do what you have to, but do not become attached to the things of the world. Less the attachment, less the probability of being born again. If attachment is totally reduced, then one escapes rebirth; and that means that the Individual Soul becomes united forever with the Atma or the Universal Soul; in turn that means one would be in a state of bliss forever.


The spirit of any particular individual, says Vedanta, might operationally be regarded as a part of the Universal Spirit or Universal Soul; it is just that a part of this Universal Spirit finds itself "encased" in a gross human body.


Indeed, so inspiring are its contents, that Mahatma Gandhi made them the anchor of his entire service to humanity, while great physicists such as Erwin Schoredinger and Brian Josephson, both of whom won the Noble Prize, literally swore by Vedanta. (3 snaps of SWAMI attached)


PS: VIBHUTHI has been sent to CHENNAI, KARUR (TAMILNADU), ARIZONA (USA), KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN and CANADA against their latest requests. Some devotees have been sent 'UDI' received from SHIRDI.

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