Tuesday, December 30, 2008


One day Lord Vishnu was sitting in meditation far away on a mountain, and one of His disciples asked to perform some service for his Lord. Very well, Vishnu replied, "I would like to have a cool cup of water"


The disciple ran down the mountain singing in joy. He found a small house at the edge of a beautiful valley and asked for a cool cup of water. The owner of the house could see he was a monk and said "Ah you must serve the holy saint upon the far mountain. Please good sir, enter my house and bestow your blessing therein".


"Forgive Me," the disciple said "I am in hurry and I must return to my Master with the water immediately"


"A short blessing will not upset your Master. After all he is a great saint and His disciples are obligated to help those of us who are less fortunate and it is such an honor to have you here." So the story goes; he entered the house and blessed all therein. Then it was time for dinner and he was persuaded to stay and bless the food. It became late so he was persuaded to stay overnight.


In the morning the cows were in pain, and after all cows are sacred to Lord Krishna and if the disciple could help them once. Days became weeks and still he remained. He married the daughter and they had numerous children.


One day as an old man he stood and he thought about everything that had transpired since he arrived and he was pleased. Suddenly there was a great tidal wave and as he watched, it flooded the whole valley and in an instant all was gone.


At that moment he saw his Master Vishnu riding upon a wave. Vishnu looked at him and smiled sadly and said, "I am still waiting for my water"


This is the story that is happening to everybody; we have forgotten why we are here, what we know and where we are going. And when the tidal wave comes, as it always will, its name is death, and all will be gone.  (2 Photos attached)
PS: BHAGAWATHA PARAYANAM continues in 'Kulwanth Hall' till the 17th.
Joy & grief are brought on by you on yourselves and not by me. Either through attachment or want of it or both. - SATHYA SAI BABA

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