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A few years ago, while addressing devotees in Brindavan, Bhagavan said, "I do not want your Bhakthi or Devotion. I want your transformation."


That devotion which does not lead to transformation is no devotion at all. "Why should we spiritually transform ourselves?" Is it because Swami wants us to transform? Or is it because we must transform?"

I wonder if you have ever seen a caterpillar, walking on its little legs on a leaf. As a caterpillar evolves, it grows into a beautiful butterfly, which hops from flower to flower, colorful, giving joy to everyone around. Have we ever asked ourselves, "Why should a caterpillar give up its existence as a caterpillar and become a butterfly?" Because its destiny is to be a butterfly! It is manifesting its own inherent nature when it transforms into a butterfly!!!

 I recall another incident, which happened when we were undergraduate students. Swami was explaining the difference between His expectations and the expectations of the parents. He said, "Your parents expect that you study well, get good marks after your education is over, get a good job, a good wife, have good children and accumulate a lot of property. That is the expectation of your parents. My expectation is very different."

He said, "Cultivate good thoughts; get a good name", that is my expectation from you!


One day, we were in Trayee Brindavan, Bhagavan's residence in Bangalore. A student was sitting somewhere in the front, knelt and got up to ask Swami something. Swami also went near him, "What is the matter?" And the boy said, "Swami, I have got so many bad thoughts."


Swami, said, "Bangaru, my dear one, this is the season! If in rainy season, you don't get rain, when are you going to get the rains? This is the season!!!"


And then He said, "Do you think that you are the one and sole individual who is afflicted with these thoughts" and he pointed to the entire student community and said, "All are in the same boat, it is only a question of degree. Only you are uttering it with your lips and others are keeping mum."


Swami has said on other occasions, "When you get that wrong thought, you know it is wrong! You know it is not good for you. What should you do? The bare minimum that we should do is to see that it doesn't translate into action."

There used to be a devotee in the ashram at Brindavan, in Bangalore, who had a mental problem. And Bhagavan blessed the students, with the privilege and the opportunity to take care of this devotee. It was, in fact, one of the most sought after service activities in the campus.

There were a few students who would do this service, in rotation and it so happened that during the summer, most of the students weren't there, when Swami too was not in Brindavan, very few teachers were around and there was this student who was looking after this devotee and his welfare. Even the washer man of the ashram had disappeared.

The student waited, 1 week, 2 weeks; 3 weeks passed. They were 20 pairs of clothes collected over 20 days to be washed. This boy waited, the washer man was not around. He gave up and himself washed all the 20 pairs of that devotee unknown to anybody in the Hostel or in the Ashram.

A few weeks later, Swami returned to Brindavan, and suddenly He asked the Warden, "Send the boys who take care of that devotee" and when the boys were with Swami, out of the blue, Swami pointed out to that boy and said, "I know that the washer man was away and you personally washed 20 pairs of clothes belonging to him" and then He blessed him and filled his hands with gifts!!!


Every good little act you do, in the silence of the night, even if nobody around knows it, God knows and is willing to bless you and recognize you for your effort.



Transcript of the talk by Sri Sanjay Sahani, a Gold Medallist from Sri Sathya Sai University on 26th July '07.

You might wonder and even doubt how it is possible for the Lord to dwell in every being.  Have you not seen one single mango seed, grow into a tree, which gives thousands of fruits?  In each of the fruit, there is to be found a seed, very identical to the one, which was first planted.  So too, the One Lord, can be found in every being created by His Will.  – SATHYA SAI BABA

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