Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It was in 1989 that Kumaran Ganesan saw Swami for the 1st time. That was the beginning of his photography career when he had been to Abbotsbury, Chennai, to take photographs of Swami, during His Chennai visit. Though Kumaran had the opportunity to take photographs of Swami from very close quarters for 2 days, he confesses that at that time he did not feel any attachment to Swami.

"The same year, I got another opportunity. I was working for Sudhir Ramachandran, a very renowned photographer and also a devotee of Swami." Kumaran recollects with obvious pride.

Kumaran accompanied Sudhir and his family to Kodai Kanal, where Swami was residing at that time. On the last day of their stay in Kodai, for reasons he finds difficult to explain, Kumaran felt an urge to have darshan.

But since it was very crowded and also quiet late, Sudhir suggested Kumaran to go to a particular spot near the lake, from where he could see Swami, as His car would normally pass by that way. Kumaran promptly went and waited at the spot. When Swami's car passed by him very slowly, he bowed down reverently and offered his salutations, hands folded. "Swami looked at me eye to eye and showed His abhayahastha (hands raised in blessing) and I instantly fell in Love with Him," says Kumaran.

In the earlier years, the professional opportunities that Kumaran got were few and far between. But with his new-found pillar of support in Bhagavan, nothing seemed too difficult to handle. Once, when he prayed to Swami for guidance, concerned by the thin volumes of his business, Bhagavan came in his dream and said, "Have patience. You will get your chances."

Years ago, his studio was situated in Millers Road, Bangalore. So, at the time when Kumaran was contemplating moving out of his office to a new place, there was a new office in Bangalore's Infantry Road that was readily available. The owner of this place gave Kumaran 1 month to decide and finalize the place. But, Kumaran was confused and could not take a decision. Both, he and his wife, prayed to Swami for guidance. Bhagavan came in his wife's dream and said, "Shift to the new premises. You will get all good results."

Kumaran was very happy and relieved to hear that. After a while, fear and confusion prevailed over him again. Swami this time around came in Kumaran's dream and said, "I am with you. Why do you worry? You are going to work with clients like IBM. Shift your studio to the new place."

On receiving this assurance from the Lord, he went to the landlord to give the advance and finalize the Infantry Road Office. Later, when the owner Mr. V. Krishnamurthy said, "Pay the advance to my son, Sai", Kumaran interacted with his son, & came to know that the landlord and his family were long time devotees of Swami!!!

"Then Mr. Krishnamurthy took me inside and also shared another very interesting story. In the 1960's, there was a bungalow on this same piece of land, where Swami had stayed during his visits to Bangalore!!!"

Needless to say, Kumaran relocated his studio to the new place to re-launch his career and from then onwards professional life has only been on the rise. "I got a lot of new clients, of course, including IBM!" Kumaran exults. "Revenues also increased multifold."

 "Sometimes, I used to compare myself with fellow professionals, to find that some of them were doing better than me," says Kumaran. And SWAMI clarified in yet another dream, "The person you are comparing with, is better than you work wise. And moreover, he has the need to work harder since he has the need for that extra money."

4 years into the marriage, the Kumarans did not have an issue. Hence, they kept praying to Swami: One night, the Lord came in Kumaran's dream and said, "Your time has not yet come. I will give - not 1, but 2 children."

They now have 2 beautiful sons and every time they see the cheerful duo, they see Swami's infinite Love.

Kumaran Ganesan is a leading advertisement photographer based in Bangalore, with his wife and two sons, & his life is a testimonial of how Swami's love transforms lives.


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