Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The cars did not leave in the usual 'caravan' style, all following Swami's car, as that might have alerted people on the road about Swami's travel plans. Instead SWAMI gave us a rendezvous' place just outside of Bangalore from which point all cars could safely proceed together. THIS WAS OUR 2ND TRIP TO 'OOTY' WITH SWAMI. (EARLY 70s)


My mother & my daughter Christina accompanied me on this memorable trip. There were 2 others, Mrs. Patel & Dr. Bhatnagar in the car with us. We quickly drove to the meeting point & waited for SWAMI & others to arrive. We waited & waited & debated what we should do! There was this 'unwritten rule' to always remain behind SWAMI but since the delay was too long, we thought that SWAMI could have actually gone ahead.


So we continued on to OOTY, which we reached very late that evening. We noticed immediately that SWAMI & others had NOT arrived. We felt 'mortified' at our 'lack of judgment' & sat quietly in our room.


After about 4 hours, SWAMI & others arrived…SWAMI came straight to our room & said, "Where were you? Do you know that I waited 4 hours for you? I sent the boys up & down the roads looking for you!!!"


He did not even pause to give us a chance to answer but went on scolding. SWAMI is so powerful in 'feigning' anger that we felt as small as ants & wished we could have disappeared into the ground!!! Of course Swami's anger wasn't real.


Once when Swami had scolded another lady I was so shaken that I asked SWAMI if he actually had been angry. He simply laughed & said that he never gets angry for if he did, HE WOULD BURN EVERYTHING TO ASHES!!!


Anyway, we were very depressed & felt remorseful after listening to Swami's reaction towards us. However during the next 10 days, SWAMI did give us 'PAADA NAMASKAR' & ALSO SWEETS! We also got to spend some quiet, precious moments with HIM.


We learnt later from one of the boys in the car with SWAMI, that when the cars had separated, HE had sent the boys looking for us, PRETENDING that he didn't know where we were. SWAMI had also assured the boy that there was nothing to worry about & has also told that "WE WERE AT THAT MOMENT DIRECTING THE DRIVER OF THE CAR TO THE HOUSE IN OOTY". HIS dramas are often baffling!!!


On our return trip to BRINDAVAN from OOTY, we had car trouble just past MYSORE, & WE HAD TO WAIT EXACTLY 4 HOURS TO HAVE IT REPAIRED!!!


Our KARMA caught up with us quickly. Even with Swami's forgiveness, THE DUES HAD TO BE PAID!!!


PS: Excerpts from the book 'DIVINE MEMORIES OF SATHYA SAI BABA' by 'Diana Baskin'. Published by SSSBPT, Prasanthi Nilayam. "Diana's stories are matchless & would fascinate readers for years to come", says JOHN S. HISLOP.


We've posted VIBHUTHI to devotees in CHENNAI, BANGALORE, SRILANKA & CANADA against fresh requests.




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