Thursday, January 1, 2009


Moorthy, Sri Kasturi's son was doing research in Geology, when he had to tour forest areas in Assam, India. (North-East) On one occasion when he was alone, a wild bear noticed him & started closing in on him!


Moorthy started running but the animal continued to chase him. As he ran faster over some rocks in his desperate flight to safety, he tripped & fell down but continued to cry loudly, "BABA, BABA."


Within moments, a truck appeared there from nowhere & Moorthy found safety by getting into it.


After a few months he happened to be in Prasanthi Nilayam when SWAMI told him, "I received your phone call & dispatched a truck. Did it reach you on time?!!!"


One night Pedda Bottu, (As she was affectionately called) a great devotee of SWAMI was sleeping under a tree opposite Swami's residence. As it prepared to drizzle, she went to the verandah outside Swami's room & prepared to sleep there.


As she was making her bed, she was muttering to herself, 'OM SRI SAI RAM' as a matter of habit.


Swami came out & asked her, "Why won't you allow me to sleep?"


Pedda Bottu said, "SWAMI, who stopped you from sleeping?"


SWAMI retorted, "When you're summoning me, how can I go to bed & sleep?"


The poor lady explained, "But I was in the habit of doing NAAMA SMARAN , whispering to myself & didn't intend to call you."


BHAGAWAN told her, "What does that JAPAM mean? It amounts to calling me only!!! NAAMA SMARAN is no different from summoning GOD!!!"


PS: Incessant NAAMA SMARAN of a deity filled with longing, anguish and love for GOD elevates the devotee to a level that he attains the form of that deity itself!!! – SATHYA SAI BABA




VIBHUTHI sent to all. No requests pending with us as of date.

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