Friday, January 9, 2009


In one of the interviews to Anantapur students, (Ladies only) Swami had said that He will be present in our in-law's house even before His students step into the house and that He will always protect them.

It was this constant thought that gave me (Mrs. Krishnaveni Nagisetty, an alumna of the Sri Sathya Sai University) courage to go to my in-laws house after my wedding. I had never been to their house before that.

Earlier my parents had bought a picture each of Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai Baba but when my mother was bringing the photos inside, my mother-in-law did not allow her to bring it into the house. She forbade my mother because she thought bringing the photos would bring bad luck to them. My in-laws were not believers in both the Sais. So, you can imagine my happiness when I saw an idol of Shirdi Baba in their house when I went there!!! Swami was indeed present in their house even before I had come!

Ever since, I was married, I have constantly prayed to Swami that my husband and my in-laws should also develop devotion to Him. Compassionate that Swami is, He heard even this prayer of mine.

Everyday, when my husband got up in the morning, he would look at his own face in the mirror. This was a routine he followed so as not to blame others if his day went bad. One day, he saw Swami's face in the mirror instead of his! He was amazed. He pinched himself but continued to see Swami's face in the mirror for one entire minute. And the same day, he got a job offer from a US-based company.

My husband had to leave for the United States the very next month. In US, while he was boarding a plane to California, Swami granted him a darshan physically, by appearing on the runway with hands raised in a blessing gesture!!! Those two incidents had a great transforming impact on my husband's life and brought him into Swami's fold. That was enough to make my husband a devotee of Swami.

My husband now reveres and respects Swami very much. Swami is everything to him. In the beginning of our marriage, I didn't have the courage to tell him about Swami's teachings, but after he had this miraculous darshan of Swami, I began to share my experiences with him.

He doesn't do anything without Swami's consent. Though a very competent computer engineer, I remember he used to get very stressed about his projects before. But now, he offers not only every act but also the fruits of his actions to Swami. All his tensions and worries have disappeared. Tears roll down my cheeks when I recollect these memories of how Swami transformed my husband.

In days that followed, my husband had many dreams of Swami. The Lord started talking to him through these dreams and guided him personally in all his endeavors. So much so that, he is now a staunch devotee of Swami! In the year 2000 when I had come to India, my husband was not very happy as he was left all alone in the house. One night he skipped his dinner and went to sleep on an empty stomach.

That night Swami came in his dream and consoled him saying that He was always there for him. Swami, then, went into our kitchen, made dosas (a south Indian dish) on the pan and fed him two dosas with His own divine hands. Believe it or not, my husband later confessed to me that, he felt really full after that divine 'dream' meal! Who would not after God himself decides to feed you?

Both my husband and I chant the vedas and sing bhajans daily in our house. I am very happy and grateful to Swami for this miracle in our lives, as it has made our lives so much happier and peaceful. (See photos)

PS: An alumna of the Sri Sathya Sai University, Anantapur campus, Mrs. Krishnaveni Nagisetty graduated with a degree in Zoology in 1995. Mother of 2 boys, Krishnaveni currently lives in Connecticut, USA where she serves as a Pre-SSE teacher at the Farmington Sai Center.

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