Wednesday, January 28, 2009




In a clearing in a forest there stood a huge banyan tree. It had a gigantic trunk and mighty knolled prop roots, and sturdy branches. And on one such sturdy branch there was a lean twig on which sat a tiny sparrow. A slight breeze set the twig into a harmonic oscillation, and the sparrow chirped in with rhythm.

The breeze slowly turned into a wind and the sparrow's seat shook violently. But the sparrow just continued chirping with none to listen to its melody. The wind turned fierce and roared; the sparrow only twittered.

And in the asymmetric battle that continued, the twig snapped, unable to bear the onslaught. What happened to the tiny sparrow?

"It just spread its wings and flew away!!!"
"Man lives in this world and builds a home, housing in it everything he has acquired in life. And he sits in this house and twitters to the tune of life. But when the winds are not in favor and the world comes crashing around him, he hops about lamenting his plight. He blames all including GOD!"

The tiny sparrow on that branch did not depend upon the twig, or on the branch, or on the gigantic trunk of the mighty banyan tree. It depended on its wings! So too in life, let us depend not upon mere twigs of passion and fashion, of pain and gain, of wealth and glory.

Let us rather depend upon wings of Faith. Faith in 'His' Benevolence, and in 'His' Benediction!
'When the tempest becomes stormier than we can bear, we can spread these 2 wings of
'NAAMA SMARAN' & 'SEVA' and glide effortlessly to our destinations!!!" - SWAMI
PS: "PREMA JYOTHI" EXHIBITION" in the 'Institution of Engineers India' building also known as Viswesraya Bhavan in Khairathabad- Hyderabad. It will be in public view from 5th of February to 15th of February 2009 opening at 10 am and closing at 9 pm every day.

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