Tuesday, February 10, 2009






Once, a man was climbing a snow-clad mountain. It became night. Suddenly, the man slipped and fell. He found himself hanging by the rope which he had tied to his waist. It was cold. It was dark. It was freezing.

The man became desperate and cried to God, "God, please save me."


The man was shocked. He could not believe in God. He did not pay heed to God. He shouted, "Are you crazy? You're supposed to help me and you actually want me to kill myself!!! I've come to your temple so many times & prayed."

"That's why I'm here to help you. Cut the rope before you freeze," God's voice declared.

But the man didn't listen.

The next morning, the newspaper headline read, "Man frozen to death hanging by a rope, just 2 feet above the ground!!!" And the media wondered why he didn't cut the rope to save himself!

That is why it is said, "A man without faith is half-blind". We visit so many religious places to worship. But do we really have the FAITH to SURRENDER and LISTEN to Him? In deep silence, God's voice can be heard!

PS: Practice silence, for the voice of God can be heard in the region of your heart only when the tongue is stilled and the storm is stilled and the waves are calm.


There will be no temptation for the others to shout, when you talk to them in whispers. Set the level of the tone yourself; as low as possible, as high as necessary to reach the boundary of the circle you are addressing.


Conserve sound, since it is the treasure of the element Akaasa, an emanation from God Himself. Read a few SLOKAS or the GITA or a few HYMNS and meditate on the meaning yourself; it will dawn on you in the silence of your heart. 


You need not read elaborate commentaries. God is watching and weighing every thought, word and deed. Since God is within us only. –


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