Sunday, February 15, 2009


1. An experience that I (PROF. ANIL KUMAR) wish to share with you happened in Kodai Kanal. We were all seated at the breakfast table and by my side was one gentleman by name Mohan Das. A very good gentleman of my age group and both of us usually sit together. Swami walked slowly up to us and said 'What is the breakfast?' Then I replied, 'Swami, poori and idli.'

'Oh I see' said Swami, 'good, good' and looked at the plate.

Then Swami came close to Mohan Das and picked up one poori saying, 'It is well done' and tore it at the centre. A diamond ring appeared there! Swami put it on Mohan Das' finger!!!

Watching all this I started to eat slowly. Bhagavan asked me why I was eating slowly. I replied,

'Swami who knows there may be a diamond ring in my poori also. I want to be extra careful so that it does not get stuck in my gullet by accident!'

Baba reposted, 'I am not going to give - ask your mother-in-law!!!'

2. On another occasion, I remember Bhagavan attending a music concert in Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Bangalore. A very good music program attended by the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the Chief Commissioner, the Railways Minister and Bhagavan presided over the whole program.

At the end of the programme while Bhagavan was leaving the auditorium I saw an old couple who must have been in their 90's at the back of the hall. Swami went all the way there, took the old man's hand and asked him how he was. Swami blessed the couple and then left.

Later I came to know that he had been the Electricity Board chairman and also an ardent devotee of Bhagavan for a long time.

This only goes to prove that Bhagavan will never forget us. We may find it difficult to walk because of age, we may find it difficult to hear but Bhagavan always remembers everybody.

3. Long back in the 1980's a yagna was taking place in the Poornachandra auditorium. Next to me sat a man called Rajagopal, a revenue inspector from Venkatagiri. He told me that he had visited Prashanti Nilayam many years ago but he is returning now after 20 years!!! He related that Swami would visit Venkatagiri every year and sang some of the songs that Swami used to sing.


Around 9 am Swami started walking in the midst of the devotees, came straight to Rajagopal and said, 'Rajagopal, how are you?' This man was shocked! Swami remembered him after 20 years! And then Swami looked deep into his eyes and said,

'You might have forgotten Swami but Swami has not forgotten you.'

4. Once a man brought a brand new car and asked Swami to accept it. Swami said that He did not want it. The man started crying but Swami replied,

"If I accept all the cars offered there will be no space to walk. So I do not want it.'

Then Swami gave him an interview but still the man was crying in the interview for Swami to accept the car. Bhagavan said, 'Alright, where are the keys?"

Swami took the keys saying,

Now this is my car. You run the car in my name; the car belongs to me. You use it, you understand.' He gave him back the keys!!!

5. It happened to be my birthday, October 25th and I came from Bangalore to Prashanti Nilayam campus on official duty. My family was away at that time and I received a box of sweets - a special preparation called in Telugu bobat­oo (a sweet chapatti). I received 6 of them from Guntur to be specially consumed by me alone.

But what happened was that my room was overflowing with devotees asking me about the latest miracle from Swami. Well I was talking, but my concentration was,only on bobattoo.

Somehow using all my intelligence I chose Darshan time when no one would disturb me. I bolted the door from the inside switched off the light, it was still dim, and started eating them, all 6 of them in quick succession. But I did not want anyone to notice this, so I took some cloves so that nobody could smell it.

I sat there for Darshan and usually Bhagavan comes and walks in a curve but that day He comes straight to me. Then Swami came close by and said,

'Ah, safe, safe now; all the 6 are safe now. Why did you eat all 6 of them? Can you not distribute them to friends? Are 6 enough or do you want 60?'

Then Bhagavan smiled and said, 'I know today is your birthday' and He gave me Paadanamaskaar!!!

This action that I did secretly, in the dark without anyone's knowledge, stomach being the only witness, but Bhagavan starts to tell everybody there so that I felt very much embarrassed!

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