Thursday, February 19, 2009



"In a vast slush green field, a cow is tied to a peg, with a rope of about 100 meter long. The fate of the cow is now fixed. However it can choose to graze in a circular area of 100-meter diameter. Within this big circular piece of land, it can graze, take rest & be happy.

By a foolish act, if the cow chooses to go round, round very often, the length of the rope gets reduced, and it cannot even enjoy the allotted area of grazing!!!

On the contrary, if the cow uses its own strength to stretch as much as possible from the very peg to which it is tied down, it can reach out to a much larger area without any limitation. In rare cases if it uses its' brute strength, it can even uproot the peg but that's an exception!

Thus many options are available for the cow. The cow's specific choice of the option and the effects of such option becomes its' fate. By using its intelligence and making efforts, it can overcome the so called fate, or the limitations enforced upon it." 

Similarly in life we should neither get entangled nor entangle others!!!

Another analogy is that of a Man holding his pet Dog at the end of a leash. The Man is holding the leash tightly & within that diameter the dog stretches & does everything. By holding the leash tightly, the man is not only protecting his dog but also other smaller animals & of course the human beings! At times, he lets the dog loose especially in the night for his protection!

Just like that, imagine that we're all tied to a very long leash that is held by GOD. HE lets us do whatever we want, lets us decide from various options as long as it's within that huge circle! If things are not going according to HIS plan, in case we stray from the path, he simply gives a tug at the rope. It's like a reminder for us not to forget HIM! All along HE has the control.

PS: When you see a plane flying in the sky, would you refuse to believe that it is flown by a pilot, just because you do not see him from where you are? You must go into the plane to see the pilot; you cannot deny his existence, standing on the ground below. You have to guess that the plane must have a pilot. So too seeing the Universe, you have to guess the existence of God, not deny Him because you are not able to see him!!! - SWAMI

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