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"I cannot not understand nor believe that any incarnation of GOD must do Karma, I refer to this sentence. It sounds like KARMA is a different entity,


 Who postulated this material? Might this be explained some other way? If so may I have your reply please?"

Thank you

Sai Ram





This fact is well known in the INDIAN epics. Remember that SWAMI keeps saying that 'MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE'. Reproducing below a memorable incident from SWAMI's life that should hopefully give you an answer. It's a message for us humans that no one can escape KARMIC LAWS!


Thousand of years ago, the great sage Bharadwaja, wishing to master all the vedas [scriptures], was advised by Indra [the ruler of the gods] to perform a yagna [vedic ritual]. Eager to have Shakti [the consort of Lord Shiva] preside over it and receive her blessings, Bharadwaja left for Kailash [a sacred peak in the Himalayas], the abode of Shiva and Shakti, to convey the invitation.


Finding them coupled in the cosmic dance, Bharadwaja waited for eight days—apparently ignored by them, although he had failed to comprehend the welcoming smile cast at him by Shakti. Disappointed, Bharadwaja decided to return home. But as he began to descend, he fell in a stroke, his left side paralyzed as a result of the cold. Shiva then cured him by sprinkling water from the Kamandalu [vessel].


Bharadwaja was granted boons by both Shiva and Shakti, who also were pleased to attend the yagna. Shiva promised the rishi [sage] that they would both take human form and be born thrice in the Bharadwaja lineage as Shirdi Sai Baba; Sathya Sai Baba, and Prema Sai Baba.

On the sixth day of July 1963, at about 6 p.m., an astounding miracle took place in the prayer Hall of Prasanthi Nilayam. This was a seismic event that enlarged the bounds of faith and intensified the ardor of devotion. This was also the occasion when Bhagawan revealed the secret of the triune Sai Avatar revealing Him to be the incarnation of the Shiva-Shakti principle. Prof N.Kasturi who witnessed this phenonmenal event writes:

It all began on the evening of 28th June, when Baba asked me to announce that He would not grant interviews for a week. No one could guess why, for there was nothing out of the ordinary in the events of the day. On Saturday, 29th June at 6.30 am, while moving into His room on the first floor from the southern verandah, Baba spoke of a "reeling sensation" and suddenly fell on the floor. I was with Him then; but though I held Him with my hand, I could do little to soften the impact of the fall.

Even as He fell, the left hand clenched; the left leg stiffened; the toes became taut. Evidently, He had taken upon Himself in His Infinite Mercy, the stroke of paralysis destined to incapacitate or perhaps kill some saintly person!

The fact that it was a stroke of paralysis could not be announced and so, a variety of rumors circulated in and around the Nilayam to explain the ominous gloom.

Then he heart attack happened after 4 / 5 days. We listened to the groans. We prayed to Baba to assuage the pain and assure us of victory in the struggle.

At last, the Day of Relief. Thursday, the sixth day, when as He had told us, the pain 'will lose its severity' and the attacks on the heart 'will cease'! The Sun rose over the hills across the Chithravathi. Baba announced that the pain as well as the 'burning sensation in the chest had gone'. The very first order He gave after this declaration was: "Arrange now for all the devotees to get Darshan; they are broken by despair". We pleaded that the Darshan be granted two days later, on Saturday (Guru Pournima Day) .We hoped that He could recoup Himself more to bear the strain that Darshan involves.

Throughout Friday and even during the morning hours of Saturday, we attempted to persuade Him to give up the plan to give Darshan in the Prayer Hall on the ground floor. Some one appealed to Him to allow us to announce to the gathering that He will render Himself hale and hearty before Dasara, a 100 days ahead; another ventured to pray that He should cure Himself fully by Krishna Janmashtami (celebration of Krishna's birthday), which was 40 days later. Baba seemed to resent the proposals; He only shook His head.

The Prayer Hall was packed, as never before. People from many villages around Puttaparthi, who had come to know that Baba would be granting Darshan, came in large numbers. The broad spaces around the Nilayam were filled. Baba was carefully brought down the circular steps (18 in all) to the ground floor.

His palsied right hand came towards it ... He tried to hold it ... His fingers slipped into it ... the fingers dipped ... He sipped a few drops ... He sprinkled, with the fingers of the right hand, a little water on the limp left hand on the pillow above His chest ... He sprinkled the water, faintly shaking the fingers, on the left leg too. He stroked the left hand with the right. And WITH BOTH HANDS stroked the left leg. He rose; the pillow fell off; we could hear His divine voice calling us, as was ever His wont, "Premaswaroopulaaraa!" He had begun His Guru Pournima Discourse!! O, we had our Baba back again, hale, hearty, holy, healthy, heavenly.....

People did not believe their eyes and ears. But when they realized that Baba was standing before them, speaking, they jumped about in joy, they danced, they shouted 'Jais', they wept; some were so overcome with ecstatic gratitude that they laughed hysterically and ran wild amongst the crowds rushing in.

Oh! It was the miracle of miracles. It shot us in an instant from the deepest pit of gloom into the Seventh Heaven of Delight. Major Bhanu writes, "The Doctor of Doctors cured Himself in a trice, leaving me aghast with wonder".

This illness has to be borne by Shakti (the consort of Shiva), for She incurred the ire of Her Lord by neglecting to notice Bharadwaja who had waited for eight days at Kailash, their Home for an audience. As a consequence of the neglect, Bharadwaja had suffered a stroke; Shiva sprinkled the restorative water and cured him. Today, you saw the illness of Sakthi (the left half) cured by Shiva (the right half) by the same means. These matters are beyond human ken; so, I had kept it away from you so long, but now that within the knowledge of so many, Sakthi suffered and Shiva saved, it is time you knew this, Baba declared.

Baba says: "No one can understand my mystery. The best you can do is to get immersed in it. It is no use arguing about pros and cons; dive and know the depth; eat and know the taste. You must dive deep into the sea to get the pearls. What good is it to dabble among the waves near the shore, and swear that the sea has no pearls in it and that all tales about them are false? So also if you must realize the full fruit of this Avatar, dive deep and get immersed in Sai Baba. Half-heartedness, hesitation, doubts, cynicism, listening to tales, is of no avail. Complete faith—that alone can bring victory.

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