Monday, February 9, 2009


As Chief Technology Officer I (N.T. Arun Kumar) had to travel a lot all over the world. Swami's Omnipresence - and His eternal promise to be always with us - was once again revealed to me that year when the airplane I was traveling on in Russia developed problems mid-air and could neither proceed to its destination in India nor return to Moscow.


In the gloomy silence that followed within the aircraft, I clutched involuntarily with all my strength to the green diamond ring Swami had created for me a few years back and prayed.

I do not remember how, but we landed safely back in Moscow. And then I had a grueling 24 hour journey back home, and by the time the plane landed in India, I was completely worn out. After reaching home, no sooner than I had done my prostrations to Swami's Robe, the ring split into two! Maybe Swami had absorbed all the energy while averting the disaster through his 'visiting card', the ring, which is now in my altar.

Swami's Grace has extended to the whole office too. In 2006, when we first expanded into new premises, disaster struck a week before our inauguration – while testing the fire extinguisher, the pressure valve gave way and the whole office got flooded. It meant losses of several lakhs of Rupees and I was on the way to Sri Lanka on an urgent meeting.

We had no insurance yet to recover, and worse still, there was dispute as to whose mistake it was! Swami appeared in the dream of our manager who was handling the project (he was not a 'devotee' then), gave him an 'interview' and asked him why I did not come to see Him. Upon being told I was traveling to Sri Lanka, Swami said I could visit Him in Colombo as well!

That same day in Colombo, I got an email informing me the address of the Sai Center there! I had been to Colombo several times but could never find time or means to visit Swami and this was completely out of the blue.

I had a blissful time in "Sai Mandir" in Barnes Place, Colombo, and back in Chennai, all our vendors by themselves agreed to fix the damages and the builder paid for their losses! There was no debate and no loss of time to inaugurate our global operations. In fact, Swami's students employed with us chanted vedic hymns and did homam as an expression of the entire company's gratitude to Him, instead of the typical MNC practice of calling VIP's to inaugurate.

Another amazing experience I had in office was when a very tough and demanding client visited us for a project review. He was intractable on all issues and wanted us to do more work within the same contract. Our deadlines and costs kept extending, and despite all our hard and sincere work, the project didn't seem nearing completion. After grueling meetings where we were forced to agree to all his terms, I persisted on our constraints and he and I had a private review again.

He came over to my office and upon seeing Swami's picture, suddenly exclaimed that his wife is an ardent devotee and they are doing a social service project based on Swami's principles near Bangalore. From then on, the conversation suddenly turned warm with discussions of Swami more than work issues in hand, and at the end of the meeting, he not only agreed to proceed our way but also said he will sanction extra budget to be paid to us!

PS: Mr. N.T. Arun Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer of Dun & Bradstreet Predictive Science & Analytics, part of a US based global organization. In 2001 Bhagavan permitted Arun to visit Sri Sathya Sai University (SSSU), Puttaparthi to offer guest lectures in technology management to the MBA students.


VIBHUTHI has been sent to devotees in BANGALORE, CHENNAI, HYDERABAD and SRI LANKA as requested by them.

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