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There was a miserly person but quite a rich man who had written a will that after his death all his wealth including his bank balance, Investments, Properties etc…should be given away to charities & he had also specified the name of the charitable organizations.


In spite of this, people continued to call him a miser & never mixed with him at all. They only had negative things to say about him!


So he went to a saintly person & asked him to enlighten him. He said, "Sir, I'm giving away everything I have to charity including my body organs but still people don't respect me at all!!! Why?"


The saintly person told him that he is reminded of an analogy and explained thus: "Once a very disappointed pig asked a cow as to why people worshipped it so much? Both of us donate a lot. While you give only milk, I donate my body to the humans after my death! Can you please explain this anomaly?"


The cow replied, "I donate while I'm alive and I'm very useful to all the human beings during my lifetime while you become useful only after your death & that also only to some section of the population!"


From then on the miserly person got transformed & started donating generously to the poor & the under privileged even while he was 'alive'!!!


PS: Hopefully this should give some clarity to the following question that came to us:


"When  I  walk  down  the road  every  day,  I  see  many people  who  beg,  who  are  not  quite  sane,  who are  sick,  who  are  suffering  and  who  are  needy.


Whereas  I  live  with  some  comfort  or  marginal  luxury.  Often,  I  ask myself a  question  -  why  should  I  spend  like  this,  when  there  are  many  people  who  do  not  even  have  basic  needs.  Do  I  deserve  this  or  do  I  need  this  luxury  /  comfort.  


The truth  is  that  I  like  the  comfort  too,  but  I  also  grieve  for  those  who suffer.  I  do  not  seem  to  have  clarity  in  my  thinking  on   this  subject.  


Any reading or guidance available on this please?"

Doing good to others is the drug and avoiding harm to others 'even in thoughts' is the regimen that must accompany the treatment. This is the cure for the disease of suffering from joy and grief, honor and dishonor, prosperity and adversity, and the dual throng that bothers man and deprives him of equanimity. - SWAMI

In the physical world there may seem to be many injustices and God may seem to be unfair; but spiritually speaking, there are no "innocent victims" - every action good or bad has its outcome in this life or the next.

Hence one has to be very careful of one's thoughts, words and deeds.

It is said, "You reap what you sow. If you sow the seed of bitter lime, how can you, later, expect to reap sweet mangoes? Whatever food we eat, we get the belch of that only!!!"

Even the mighty Pandavas had to face the consequences of their actions and so did Sita.

Lord Ganesha broke His tusk and used it for recording Vyasa's dictation of the Mahabharatha. The Mahabharatha was sure to benefit mankind and He gave His all for it.

As said earlier, SOCIAL service should not be 'SHOW'cial nor 'SLOW'cial service!!! We also need to use our power of discrimination. That is, we should ensure our service reaches the right person.

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