Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(Answers to questions posed by readers)


Q) Some are rich and some are poor. Some people enjoy life and some are suffering. Atheist is enjoying life while stanch devotee is suffering. Of the two sons, one is a king and another is a pauper. Do we have answers to all this in Spirituality?



Everyone is an individual climbing the ladder of spirituality to attain liberation, that is freedom from 'birth & death' and achieve permanent bliss. Just like there are so many vehicles as means of transport, to reach GODLINESS also, some take a flight, some take the train, some car, others take the bullock cart, some walk & there are still others who're sitting on a tortoise!!! Never-the-less everyone is moving, though in varying speeds!


Consider that this body has been given to us on RENT, so is the place where we stay, so are the materialistic possessions & so are ALL the relationships. We need to keep paying the rent as long as we're living this biological life. RENT in the form of SEVA or SERVICE, WORSHIP, LOVE etc…


So anyone can be born in any 'rented' family. PRAHALADA was born to the demon Hiranyakashipu. VIBHEESHANA was Ravana's brother. KRISHNA had an uncle who was the brutal King Kamsa. Look at King Dasaratha's misfortune in spite of having LORD RAMA as his son! And on the contrary see the grace that the bird JATAYU had that died in RAMA's hands!


Look at the Atheists who refuse to believe in all this. But they boast that they believe in themselves & they boast of their self confidence. The truth is when you believe in yourself so much, you actually believe in GOD only since GOD only is residing in your body!!! He's the indweller in this rented body! Understanding this is 'spirituality'.


Q) If everything is "Karma", why then should I worship and seek God?


A) There is a story about a KING who lost his infant in a hunting spell. The child grew up along with some forest dwellers into a handsome young boy. One day he was spotted by some sages who happened to pass through the forest. They realized & recognized that the boy didn't belong to that hunting tribe because his appearance reflected a Royal Lineage. They made some enquiries & their hunch turned out to be true. Subsequently they led the boy to his rightful father, the KING of the land who delightfully welcomed his long lost son!


Just imagine that we're all long lost sons & daughters of our TRUE & REAL PARENTS who's none other than GOD, the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS!!! Wouldn't you like to go back to the KING of the UNIVERSE???

God's Grace can cancel all your karmic effects or the evil effects of your past life. Nothing untoward can happen to you then.

You see many medicines kept for sale in a medical shop. On each of the medicines you find the date of manufacture and of expiry. The medicine will not act with efficiency beyond the date of expiry. It becomes just useless.

What God does is exactly the same thing. He simply stamps on the medicine bottle, that's 'YOU & I', the date of expiry canceling our karma. Right then, our suffering ends. This is how GOD, out of His sheer Grace and Compassion, gives us relief.

RAMA killed VAALI hiding behind a tree & Vaali cursed the LORD that he would meet the same fate one day. During yet another incarnation a as KRISHNA Avatar in another YUGA, he was sitting on the branch of a tree (much after the Kurukshetra war) when a hunter hiding behind a tree mistook KRISHNA's feet to that of an animal (maybe a rabbit) & shot an arrow that killed LORD KRISHNA. KARMA DOESN'T SPARE EVEN THE AVATAR!!!


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