Thursday, March 11, 2010


This photograph of Swami and the tiger skin involves a miracle Bhagawan performed early in his life.


A hunter had shot and killed a tiger and was driving home when his car stalled near the Chitravathi River, which runs through Puttaparthi. The hunter could find no way to get his car to work. It wouldn't budge and the engine couldn't be started.


The driver of the car told the hunter that there was a lad in the village who was said to have miraculous powers. The hunter, in his frustration, sent the driver into Puttaparthi to find the miraculous young man.


When Our young Bhagawan returned with the driver, he scolded the hunter and said, "What did this tiger ever do to you to deserve to be hunted down and killed? This tiger was a mother and you left her two cubs alone to fend for themselves. Go back and take care of the tiger cubs."


With that said, Swami slapped the car and it was  fixed and ready to go. The Changed Hunter went back to the forest, found the tiger cubs and transported them to a zoo, where they could be well cared for.


Subsequently, he returned to Puttaparthi, gave Swami the skin of the tiger he had killed, and swore he would never hunt again.


That tiger skin and head is the one seen in the famous and Wonderful photograph of Swami.


PS: The taste of the vast ocean is to be found complete and undiminished in every single drop of its water. But this does not mean that the drop and the ocean are the same. We recognize the drop and the ocean as two separate entities, but the nature and taste are both identical. Similarly, the All-pervasive Inner Motivator of all (Sarvantharyaami) and the Name and Form you adore are not separate entities. They are identical. All the gross forms of Divine are fully saturated with the subtle. Without understanding this truth, it is impossible to realize your Loving Lord. - SATHYA SAI BABA

Love means not causing pain to anyone. My friends, when we talk we may offend someone unknowingly. When we devise certain plans, our manoeuvring and manipulation may lead to pain for someone. Our thought process may be the cause of pain for another. We may also pain others by our actions. So let us be cautious, and know that love means not inflicting pain on anyone by thoughts, words, or deeds. - PROF. ANIL KUMAR'S Sunday talk.

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