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This episode described below is also a proof Baba's words of the utter catastrophe of events that could occur in case we do not follow his command. Baba on his return from Brindavan to Puttparthy on 12th December had announced to the students that the Sports Meet (which was held every year in January 11th) should not be held that year (1999). He announced the same at Brindavan too before coming to Puttaparthy.


Students did not listen and prayed very fervently for the Sports Meet, which they felt, was the only opportunity to do something for Baba and dedicate it to him.


Even though Baba had ordered the sports meet not to be held and a notification from the Vice-Chancellor's office to this effect had already been issued, students still persisted with their regular practices hoping that Baba would somehow still agree. Many days passed this way with students praying hard within the mind and also sending greetings and requests to Baba to take back his order of not holding the sports meet. Baba took none of them. Some greetings were sent back to hostel with Baba's message of not raising the issue again.

But students still persisted....Baba later agreed.


January 14th arrived and the students arrayed themselves to display before Baba all they had practiced for 45 days. Baba's caravan arrived with Baba seated on a seat with a steel covering. As Baba's caravan reached the ladies section, Baba's car halted for a while and Baba stood up to wave to the people assembled. As he stood waving to the crowd, Baba's car moved a little bit to the front. Baba lost his balance and fell back on the steel covered seat. Baba's hands, spinal cord and head rammed against the steel covering which sent shock waves amongst everyone. Baba sat on his seat in that position for a few moments.


A few moments later to everyone's relief Baba got up and started waving to everyone again. The car stopped and the Vice - Chancellor received Baba, who got down and accepted the floral tributes. Baba walked without any apparent problems on the ramp and occupied his seat. After the program, Baba left waving to everyone saying he was immensely happy.


Two days later, before the brothers of Brindavan left, Shri. Narasimhamoorthy was called in for an interview. During the interview, he noticed bandages on Baba's hand and cried out "Baba, What is this?"  Baba brushed aside his question but on being persistently being asked, Baba revealed the truth, which when announced by Shri. Narasimhamoorthy the next day stunned everyone.


The following are the excerpts of the speech delivered by Shri. Narasimhamoorthy, the Warden of Sri Sathya Sai Hostel, Brindavan who was crying continuously as he gave his speech:


As Baba was speaking to Mr. Indulal Shah, Mr. Srinivasan and others in the interview room, Mr. Indulal Shah noticed blood oozing out of Baba's sleeve. A shocked Indulal Shah got up to ask Baba about it, but was quieted by Baba who said "Don't tell anybody about this outside. The children will get scared."


Baba later told Mr. Indulal Shah, Mr. Srinivasan and Shri.  Narasimhamoorthy that the year 1999 was the year of Pramadi (an year of torments) .One of the boys performing a dangerous stunt was going to fall from a height that very day.


Baba knew this right from the start and to avoid this ordered the sports meet not be conducted, which as readers know was not adhered to. (Later Baba disclosed in the discourse following Shri. Narasimhamoorthy's speech that -- "You were not ready to listen to me. You all were praying so hard. Even after repeatedly telling you not to go ahead with the program, when you were so insistent, then I had no other alternative but to let you perform. But there was no way I could let my own children get hurt. So I transferred his Karmic effect on me. I can bear it but you cannot. If he would have fell from that height, his hands would have smashed on the ground, his spinal cord would have split and head smashed to pulp. When Baba fell on the steel casing, Baba's hands, spinal cord and head rammed against it. That was my way of taking up his injury").


Baba started bleeding profusely. His back was soaked in blood. His head too had been hit. But Baba let no one know of this. Baba's maya covered the visibility of blood from the scores of VIP's between whom Baba was sitting. For five hours Baba bore the ordeal. In spite of the piercing pain Baba came down to give group photographs and climbed the stairs again.


For 3 days Baba bore the injuries. Not one of us knew of this until Shri. Narasimhamoorthy was allowed to tell it in course of his speech. Shri. Narasimhamoorthy cried, the students cried and the devotees wailed.


Later when students apologised, Baba said "Are, Protecting you is my responsibility ra (ra is a word frequently used in telugu towards someone you love). You are my children. Can I ever let you high and dry?"


PS: An animal has several innate undesirable qualities; however hard it may try to eliminate them they cannot be transformed.  For example, we can bring up a tiger cub with affectionate care and train it to be gentle and obedient, but when it is hungry, will it relish poori (an Indian dish made of wheat flour) and potato curry? No, it will only relish raw meat! Hence, the scriptures quote: "Man indeed is the most fortunate and sacred amongst all beings, for one's inborn qualities can be sublimated".  Realizing this truth, each one must elevate their self through training and self-effort.SATHYA SAI BABA

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