Thursday, March 25, 2010


What is the use in planning a well when the house has caught fire? When will it be dug? When will water become available and when will the fire be extinguished? Isn't it an impossible task? 

If at the very start, a well was dug, how helpful it would be during critical situations? Beginning to contemplate on God during one's last moments is like beginning to dig the well after the house has caught fire. No one knows what is in store the next moment. 

Therefore, from now on, engage in contemplation of God and perform your spiritual practices. Physical stamina is very necessary for sadhana (spiritual practice), so look after your body with utmost care. But remember that over-tending is also harmful.

People tend to delay doing their duties. But for undertaking spiritual practices, there is no yesterday and no tomorrow. This very moment is the moment. If you have engraved this understanding in your heart, then you can merge in Lord Shiva.

If this truth is not assimilated, and you get immersed in aims of today and tomorrow, it lays the foundation for worldly attachment! Then you will be born again and again to have the darshan of Yama (God of Death)!

Those who realize this truth will not fail even to the slightest extent in their spiritual practices. It is the right of every aspirant to have the vision of Shiva (Lord of Auspiciousness).



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