Friday, March 19, 2010


Phyllis Krystal experience with the divine avathar Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is special and is important reading for everyone who wants to go to India to meet with him. This book 'The Ultimate Experience' is a vivid account of her encounters with Sai Baba over a period of ten years. In this she explains her first experience meeting with this avathar.


There were many several people in wheelchairs or lying on stretchers and many obviously sick children held in their mother's arms brought there as a last resort, in the hope that Baba would heal them. As I looked around at all those waiting people, I wondered what pain, sorrow, loss or deep yearning had been the impetus to bring them all to Baba. 


After what seemed like hours but was probably less than an hour, an almost audible hush came over the crowd. By craning my neck I was just able to catch a fleeting flash of orange as baba approached the

Ornate gates. Then he emerged into full view giving me my first sight of him in person. I had many different reactions in far too quick succession for me to grasp them all at once. But of one thing i was certain; he was more vibrantly alive than anyone i had even seen in my whole life. I was, however, surprised to notice that he was even shorter than I had expected, both from his photographs and the films we had seen. 


I saw that his thick neck and shoulders and head, with its shock of black hair standing our all around it like a dark halo, all gave the impression that he was a large man. Yet I observed that his body was slight and extremely graceful. He appeared to float rather than walk and slowly and drifted between the rows of densely packed men and women. Perhaps what most impressed me was the way his eyes darted here and there over the heads of the people, as if watching and listening to tune in to their needs and conditions. 


I prayed silently for him to give me a sign to indicate if he was the Master I should now follow. He continued to move gracefully back and forth between the sides of the driveway. Then he moved past me and several feet beyond. As I watched, I thought to myself, "So that is my answer. He is not my guru." Heavy-hearted, I realized that I must continue to seek further.


No sooner had I accepted this decision than he wheeled around until he faced me directly, and said, "So you have come!"


With this observation his face broke into the most radiant smile I have ever seen, like the sun suddenly coming out from behind a cloud and lighting up everything it touched. I was so dazzled by it, that I seemed to lose all sense of time or place, and my mind went blank.


I have no idea how long it was before he turned and continued on his way between the lines, for time seemed to stand still. 

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