Friday, November 6, 2009


" Every name of God has power. But that power should be utilized properly and do bhajans. Each name has a power.


Once upon a time, a king told his parrot to go and chant the name of Rama to a newly born crow and make it too repeat the name. The parrot dutifully went to the crow and said, "You may be black, O crow! But listen and chant Rama's name. It will make you bright." Doing so, the crow fell down dead. The parrot felt very sad at this and reported to the king as to what happened.
But the king told the parrot to do the same task to a newly born peacock this time. "Oh peacock! You are beautiful and grand. Chant Rama's name and your glory will grow." The parrot told the peacock. The same thing happened there also. The parrot was now worried. Both birds had died.
Now the king told the parrot to tell the same to a new born calf. (emotionally) "Oh King! Let me not get an additional sin now. I will not kill a baby," said the parrot but to no avail. With trepidation, the parrot requested the calf to chant Rama's name. Doing so, the calf too breathed its last.
Finally, it came to be known that the prince was born. What was the reason for the human form that the prince had. The Lord's name liberated the soul from different bodies, of the crow, the peacock and the calf to finally gift it a human birth. This news spread all over the kingdom. Rama's name made the crow a beautiful peacock. The peacock evolved into the calf and the calf in turn got a human birth.
- From Bhagawan 2007 Akanda Bhajan Discourse
PS: Just imagine how humans can evolve by chanting the LORD'S name!!! 

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