Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Q: What is the correct relationship Swamiji, which exists between God and a devotee?


Bhagawan : 'I am yours,' can only be said from the devotee. 'I am yours God,' says the devotee and what does God say? 'You are Mine'. God does not say, 'I am yours.'



Q: Sometimes one gets a feeling that One is very close to God and at other times one feels that God has moved very far away. Would Swami please explain the reasons for those feelings?


Bhagawan: Jealousy and anger are responsible for these feelings. If these are controlled, then one is in a position to control the Supreme Spirit (Paramatma). That is, Swami comes near, otherwise he appears far from you. Sometimes the boys (referring here to His college boys) do not understand as to why Swami appears to be angry with them. They have to realize that their thoughts, which Swami knows, are responsible for Swami's reactions.


Om Sai Ram


Source : QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH BABA By Eruch B. Fanibunda - 1976 :


Taken from Swami's Talk to the Students in the Old Prasanthi Mandir Portico in November 1991 :


You are all getting small containers and asking for such a large quantity from me. How can I then give it? Swami never wants to waste his Love and grace. I want taste, not waste. But first, I test. You cannot straight away perform the operation without first performing some tests. Similarly, I first test your progress. I then give you the taste of my Love and grace. Once you have tasted it, you can rest.


Om Sai Ram

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