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'The Jiva (the embodied soul) will face no problems as long as it remains attached to the Atma, but if it gets tempted by the transient pleasures of the external world, then pain is inescapable.'- Sathya Sai Baba


One day, when Lord Rama was walking in the forest, He was stopped by His devotees, both men and animals, who were praying for a close 'darshan 'of the Lord. They all fell at His Lotus Feet in 'padanamaskar'. Lord Rama was overwhelmed by the devotion of His subjects and He involuntarily let go of His bow. The bow sadly landed on the tiny leg of a frog, who was also a big devotee of the Lord.  However, the frog was mesmerized by the sight of the Lord. He was so very lost in the contemplation of the Lord that he neither saw the bow landing on his limb nor did he feel any pain. After a few minutes and when Lord Rama decided to resume His walk, He lifted the bow. Only then did He painfully notice that it was crushing the little leg of the frog.

"Oh frog!" said Lord Rama with tears brimming in His beautiful eyes "Why didn't you draw my attention to this careless action of mine? Why didn't you scream? Why didn't you call for help? "

"Oh Rama, You are the self-luminous inner light of the Self!" answered the frog with outpouring love "if somebody else had trodden on my leg, I would have called your name-


But You are my Atma Rama and I am attached to You. So when YOU are the one who is trampling on my leg, whose name am I going to call?"

The true devotee is immersed in the Lord always and in all ways. As love of God grows, indifference to worldly things develops naturally.  Love for God confers Eternal Bliss. Love for worldly pleasures confers Ephemeral Blitz.

At the Lotus Feet of SAI

PS: You must have noticed the crane walking silently or standing motionless in order to catch a fish. Why? If it plunges headlong or runs about helter skelter, can it get the fish? Similarly, the Lord is the fish in the forms of Sathya, Dharma, Santhi & Prema. The Lord can never be won, when the hullabaloo of lust, anger, egoism and envy is rampant in the heart. If the bitter qualities of lust, anger and envy germinate in the heart, fear, anxiety and sloth will be the fruits thereof. When there is sugar on the tongue, you will feel the sweetness in the taste. Similarly, so long as the heart has Bhakthi, (Devotion) Santhi (Peace) and Prema (Love for Lord), you will be filled with  Ananda (Bliss).- SWAMI



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