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" WATCH! Watch your Words, Actions,Thoughts,Conduct and Heart!"- Sathya Sai Baba.



Truly speaking, the omnipresent and omniscient Baba too is watching our words,actions, thoughts,conduct and heart always.


Very often, He demonstatres His omnipresence and omniscience to us only to remind us that we have failed to 'watch!'


This experience is for sharing-


While I  read Baba's thought for the day everyday,occasionally and when the thought for the day is too lenthy,I would ,in the manner of a lazy school child


and without a second thought delete it from my mail,preferring short and crisp thoughts of two lines-,for example, Love Ever! Hurt Never! Easy to assimilate!


Easy to practice! Easy to pass the exams!


Consequently,last thursday, I opened my mail box, and clicked on the thought for the day.One quick glance and ouff! too long to read,I deleted it.


Now, see how Baba comes into action! I attended' bhajans satsang' later in the evening at the Sai Centre of Bruxelles.I knew the song I was going to sing by


heart,hence I deliberately left my reading glasses behind.  However,to my utter surprise,as soon as I took a seat on the carpeted floor of the bhajan hall,a Sai


Sister whispered in my ear-


'Will you read the thought for the day of Swami in English?' At the same time, she handed over to me, a print out of the thought for the day which I had so


callously deleted from my mail.


I took the paper and acquiesced with'Sairam!'


After bhajans,and the reading of the thought for the day in Flemish and in French,in turn I read with bliss but also with loving pain, and difficulty(as I am


extremely short sighted) the thought for day in English.I thanked Baba profusely for chosing me to read His message and for watching my


words,actions,thoughts,conduct and heart.


 Coincidentally, I found a hidden message for me in that thought.-.a messge from the Higher Consciousness.


Thy will,My Lord! Not mine!


At the Lotus Feet of Sai


Anita Bacha


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