Thursday, October 29, 2009


Swami was once talking to Dr. Alreja in the bhajan hall of the old Mandir. Swami told him that the Rama avatar and Krishna avatar had come, completed their mission, and left in their respective eras... and they would do so again in the next cycle. But the Sai avatars are unique. The Sai trinity would not come again in subsequent Kali Yugas. So do not miss this opportunity. He added that this is the first and last of its kind so make full use of this avatar. He also told the devotees to spread the message of the Avatar for the benefit of mankind.

Source: Heart2heart e-journal


Once in the very early days, Swami came out with a Bundle of 100 rupee notes, Swami looked around and then called a very old Devotee and gave him the Money and then asked in Telugu "Jabu ekkada?" meaning "Where is the letter"? When there was no answer, Swami smiled and said "where is the letter that you had written and wanted to give it to me, and you had written in it that you wanted me to help you as you had no money",


Swami said "Swami knows everything, anywhere and everywhere when my People write any letter to me, I know what they are writing, Swami does not need to read every letter, I read letters before you to so that you are happy when you see Me reading your letters."

Swami's Divine and Wonderful Words.


Om Sai Ram


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