Friday, October 30, 2009


What Iam is Swami's Wonderful Gift to me, What I become is My Gift to Bhagawan.


The best thing that can happen to anyone is when Bhagawan enters one's life and showers His blessings in various ways known only to Him. When, where, how and why are questions whose answers are unknown to anyone and will ever remain unknown to mankind.


There may be a delay, but there is no denial in God's Divine World. All our prayers, big or small, will be answered in God's time. Swami teaches us the Real Value of Patience in everything we do.


"Swami gave me Nothing that I wanted, But He gave me Everything that I needed.


Om Sai Ram


" You only talk of Sharanam (surrender), of placing all at the Feet; but you withhold a great deal. Your minds are wayward like monkeys that skip and jump from bough to branch. Give them to Me; I can make them steady and harmless. When I say, sit, they will sit; when I say, stand, they stand. That is what Shankaraacharya offered to do; he told Shiva that he will hand over the monkey that was his mind to Him so that it might be tamed and used for His delight. But, it must be a complete handing over; no reservations ".


For a true devotee there should be no evil traits such as hatred, jealousy, anger or greed. These are the main obstacles to devotion which enter your being. You must develop a sense of unity with everyone. If you develop hatred towards anyone, you will be hating the very Lord whom you worship. It is because of your inflated ego that you take action against another, in the course of which, hatred, jealousy and anger arise. Therefore, the primary warning given in the Gita says, "Show no hatred towards any being".

Om Sai Ram

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