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1.    The VIBRO HEALING SYSTEM is an alternative system of medicine & is believed to be the medicine of the future.

2.    This has been blessed by BHAGWAN profusely several times & is being practiced in PRASANTHI NILAYAM for nearly 15 years with amazing & remarkable results. Now available in BANGALORE as well. (Absolutely free)

3.    There are as many as 108 different remedies for various illnesses or DIS – EASES or imbalances of the mind & the body organs.

4.    These vibrations can heal & cure at 3 different levels: PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL IMBALANCES.


·         Treats at the root level, at the very subtle level of vibrations within the human body.

·         'ZERO' side effects.

·         The pills contain only subtle vibrations & no medicine as such & hence no side effects are there.

·         It retards recurrence of the problem.

·         Strengthens immune system.

·         Detoxifies the body

·         Can be had along with any conventional allopathic medicine. Please do consult if you're having any other form of treatment.

6.    Avoid coffee. (At least during the course of taking these pills)

7.    Just 1 pill at a time would suffice (keep it under the tongue & do NAAMASMARAN) & avoid food 20 minutes before & after taking the pill. Intake of Water is fine. If you're having more than 1 remedy, give a gap of 10 minutes between the two of them.

8.    Avoid touching the pill & don't expose them to sunlight.

9.    Keep the plastic bottle at least 3 – 4 feet away from electric or electronic gadgets like Computer, TV, Fridge, Mobile phone etc… Their radiations would affect & reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

10.                       Drink plenty of water.

11.                       Eat when you're hungry & eat in moderation or avoid as much as possible especially when it comes to items prepared from Maida. Also avoid Fatty foods & junk food & be moderate with sugar & salt.

12.                       Above all, just PRAY. Finally it's neither the medicine nor the giver who cures…It's only SWAMI'S BLESSINGS AND HIS GRACE.





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  1. Sairam.This is proving to be excellent.I am T.E.VASUDEVAN from Chennai cell no 09940654589.I my self learnt this from Dr. Aggarwal from Puttaparthy, and i was the firstbatch of practitioner from Parthy.Lots of cases like soriasis,cold,headache,colon problems,constipation,heart,lungs,artharities,ladies,gents problems been cured without any charge.BUT IT IS ALL SWAMI WHO IS DOING THIS.


    Ever In Sai

  2. Sairam. No doubt Vibronics is very effective and profusely blessed by Swami. But is it not important to register it with the appropriate medical body and legally practice it. If it is done already then it is important to make it known to all the practioners. Or it might lead to controversy such as non medicos giving medicines without getting registered as Alternate medicine practioners with the appropriate bodies recognised by govt . or some such legal validity. I am sure it must have been done. But making it known to the Patients and general public is important. R.Chandrashekar 09821482711

  3. VIBRIONICS at Bangalore kindly give me their contact number asap thx

  4. VIBRONICS AT BANGALORE ~kindly share their contact details asap on 9480103520 thx

  5. SAI RAM, I have chronic hemiplegia. Used to be a Seva Dal volunteer. Want to continue. As of now, need healing first and then help heal others as a gratudinal Seva.

  6. Vibrationics at puttaparthi kindly give me their contact number om sai ram.

  7. 18.10.15
    Sai Ram! I am 92+ years old and not eligible to be a Practitioner; but I would like my Son Sandeep and Daughter-in-law Trupti to be trained. I need guidance preferably online. My eMail ID is: < >