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There was a Student in Prasanthi Nilayam whose father died during his childhood itself. Swami had told his mother that He would look after the boy and his elder brother, who was and is still working at Parthi. He called the Student and told him: "From now, I am your father. If you need anything, you should ask me and not trouble your brother or mother."


A few days passed and after the exams were over and most of the students were going home and this boy too wanted to go and see his mother. But he did not have money for the ticket. He asked his elder brother who too expressed his inability to spare any money at that point of time.. The boy was distressed, but did not tell anyone.


In those days, Swami would call all the students to sit right from the bhajan door once bhajans started. Swami would keep moving in and out of the bhajan hall on several rounds of darshan.


One such day, He had just come and sat down on the throne when suddenly Swami got up and went into the interview room door. He then signaled to the boy to follow Him. When the boy came out 5 minutes later, he was weeping. Later on in his room, he told what had happened.


Swami had called him inside and asked him: "I told you that if you need anything you should ask me. Why did you go and trouble your brother? I know you want to go home and see your mother. You should have asked me. Am I not your father? Why do you then hesitate to ask me what you want?" He then gave him money for the ticket and spending and then told him to go and enjoy his holidays.


The Boy had never told anyone about going home and that he had no money. Swami knew as He knows each and everything about everyone of us.


Om Sai Ram


What you need today is unwavering faith in God. Faith in God alone can protect you. Under all circumstances, at all times, consider God as the basis of your life. Give up evil qualities like anger, greed, jealousy, etc. Anger is a fire that always keeps burning. Desire is the cause of one's downfall. Hence, eradicate desire and anger within you. Develop Love for the Divine; learn the language of the heart. – SATHYA SAI BABA


1.    I am Roja from Dubai,

Thank you very much. It so nice. (BRAHMAARPANAM)

Thank you once again.

Roja M.

2.    Sir,
I request you to please send the Brahmaarpanam Mantra with meaning. Waiting for your mail
Kamalakar Pandit

(SENT already)

3.    Sairam,

Today morning I had sent Swami's Vibhuthi plus Udhi from Shirdi to J.Saradaa in Vadapalani, Chennai.



Mrs.Sasikala Ravivenkatesan

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