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All hearts are His property, it is His entire domain. But just as the Zamindaar sits only on a clean spot though the entire area may be his, the Lord will install Himself only if the heart is cleansed.


The Lord has said that, "madh bakthaah yathra gaayanthe thathra thishthaami, Naaradha" - "Where My devotees sing of me, there I install Myself, Naaradha."


I must tell you that you are luckier than men of previous generations. The accumulated merit of many previous births must have granted you this luck. You have got me and it is your duty now to develop this relationship that you have achieved by sheer good fortune.


- From Swami's Discourse in Prasanthi Nilayam on 27th September'1960

PS: Some people say that they are facing hardships and are leading a miserable life. It is foolish on their part to say so. God, the indweller has absolutely no sorrow and worries. He is the embodiment of supreme bliss. God Himself says, "I am present in you. You are but a spark of my Divinity." Such being the case, how can one be affected by difficulties and sorrows?  When you enquire on these lines, you will realize that the demonic and bestial tendencies in you are responsible for these feelings.  You will not be able to experience the truth that God is all-pervasive unless you give up evil qualities. God is present in all elements and in all beings in the form of radiance.  


1.    Sai Ram!


Thank you so much for your messages. I think lately I have missed some from you. Just wanting to let you know and please do keep on sending  . . . .


Wonderful service that you are doing.


Love in In Sai Service,

Vinesh Chandra 


2.    Jai Gurudev,

        This is Pandurangan from Chennai for the past two to three years there are some spiritual questions emanated, till date no answer is received moreover there is nobody to show the path to achieve the Path. Please advise me how to approach Swamy to receive the path is there any E-Mail for him to contact or thro' some body if so kindly advise suitably.
With Love & Light,
Sai's Child Pandurangan.


3.    Dear Sir:

Thank You for sending the Vibuthi---there is a story in receiving it as it happened, and may keep the story inside my heart for a while----in the meantime ---- I am so grateful for Sai Baba, with every breath of my Life and every beat of my Heart-- I am so grateful.  Your E-mails are great.  Also I noticed no
return address on your envelopes--But feel you are located somewhere around Bangalore.  What an awesome place India must be.  Hopefully I will be able to visit India---What a Mystery He is.  I truly wish to please Him.
Om Sai Ram,     

Brian McGuire


4.    Om Sai Ram..THANK YOU. We are blessed for receiving this Sai Prasad..Its has been added on to the YAHOO GROUP, with no mention of Shri Sathya Sai Baba, as the Group is exclusively dedicated ti SHRI SHIRDI SAI BABA, but SEVA is like an OCEAN, into which all rivers enter and merge, this is OCEAN OF DIVINE WISDOM. The source matters yet its the WISDOM and efforts that have gone into bringing it into our humble home, of SAI DEVOTEES is even more important..ONCE AGAIN, WE ARE GRAEFUL.JAI SAI RAM

Saisagar Sevasansthan 

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