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The inner meaning of the story of Sathyavan Savitri is that God protects those who lead a life of chastity following the path of truth. The story runs thus: The childless king of Madra, Ashwapati, lives ascetically for many years and offers oblations to Sun God Savitr. He wishes to have a son for his lineage. Finally, pleased by the prayers, God Savitr appears to him and grants him a boon: he will soon have a daughter. She is born and named Savitri in honour of the god.

Once Savitri reaches the marriageable age, she chooses as her husband Sathyavan, the son of blind king Dymatsena, who after he had lost everything including his kingdom lives in exile as a forest-dweller.

Sage Narada advises her father that Savitri had made a wrong choice of marrying Sathyavan as he was destined to die in a year. In response to her father's pleas to choose a more suitable husband, Savitri refuses by saying that she will choose her husband only once.

Three days before the foreseen death of Sathyavan, Savitri wears the clothing of a hermit and takes a rigid vow of fasting and vigil. Her father-in-law tells her she has taken too harsh a regimen, but Savitri replies that she has taken an oath to perform these austerities, at which Dyumatsena offers his support.

The morning of Sathyavan's death, Savitri taking the permission of her father-in-law accompanies her husband to the forest. While splitting wood, Sathyavan becomes weak and swoons to death. Lord Yama comes to claim the soul of Sathyavan. Savitri follows Yama as he carries the soul away. When he tries to convince her to turn back, she discourses on Dharma to Yama, praises Yama for his just rule and offers successive formulas of wisdom. Impressed by her speeches, Yama accedes to offer her any boon except the life of Sathyavan. She first asks for restoration of kingdom and eyesight for her father-in-law. Yama instantly grants the boon. Secondly, she asks for a son for her and Sathyavan. Yama agrees to grant even that boon. It is then that Savitri seizes the opportunity and tells Yama that it is you who have praised me as Pativrata (one of chastity). Now what am I to do? Unable to wriggle out of the tricky situation, Yama agrees to give back the life of Sathyavan.

Sathyavan awakens as though he has been in a deep sleep and returns to his parents along with his wife. Meanwhile Dyumatsena regains his eyesight. Since does not know of the happenings, Savitri narrates everything to her husband and parents-in-law. Joyfully the king and his entourage return to his kingdom. At this happy turn of events, the drama too concluded.

Bhagawan materialised a gold chain for the lead actor Savitri and also blessed the cast with a photograph session. Bhagawan also gave clothes to all the participants with His own hands.

PS: If you try to bring back to your memory at bedtime, the events of the day, everything that happened, you will recall only those events, which are meaningful, those that are deeply embedded within you. The rest of the insignificant events turn hazy, recede and disappear from memory. Be comforted with the firm faith that the suffering and travails of this world are illusory and transitory. Fix your mind firmly on this great fact and set out bravely on the path of Sadhana (spiritual practice), on a continuous journey of devotion to the Lord.

Clay alone is real. How can a pot exist without clay? How can an effect exist separate from its cause? To the wise, it is the Divine Self that permeates everything and everyone. When such wisdom dawns, the darks shadows of the three types of Karma namely: Agama Karma (the consequences of our actions which are yet to come), Prarabdha Karma (the consequences of our current actions) and Sanchitha Karma (consequences of cumulative actions from the past) will flee away from you, making you pure and free! For, the will of God has no limits or exceptions. Resolve through your spiritual practices that you must win the Grace of the Lord. Do not be discouraged on any score. - SATHYA SAI BABA

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