Friday, January 29, 2010


Every Avatar is an amazing phenomenon. Not to recognize the Avatar is equally a matter for amazement. Even more astonishing is the incapacity to experience the presence of the Avatar. Most astonishing of all is to be in the presence of the Lord and feel miserable. To be in the proximity of the Avatar, to move about with the Avatar, to sing and sport with the Avatar and yet fail to understand the truth of the Avatar is indeed a remarkable phenomenon! When the Avatar principle is understood, you experience real bliss.
- From Bhagawan's 1990 Krishna Janmasthami Divine Discourse.
To talk of the Vibhuti that I give or to talk of the things that I materialize and the miracles I perform is not correct. Sometimes, I feel like laughing at the ignorance of people when they attach such importance to My miracles. People talk only of such things and forget the much bigger aspect in Me. The most sacred quality in Me is Prema. This Prema is immeasurable!
I am Love, Love and Love. I am always Love! Love is everything but people do not understand Love.
Swami says wonderfully :
There is no desire in Sai. Where is the space for desire in Sai? Everything is already Mine! Sai does not think. My will is instantly realized. Whatever it may be, it immediately appears.I readily give you what you want, so that you may want what I have come to give.
Om Sai Ram

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