Thursday, December 17, 2009



Once a little boy went to a grocery store with his mother. The old shopkeeper looked at the small cute boy and lovingly took a bottle of his tastiest sweets and offered them to him saying in a jovial tone, "Dear child, you can take all the sweets you can hold in your tiny hands."

But the child didn't take any; he just looked up with a wistful expression on his face. The shopkeeper was a little surprised. He wondered why the little one did not take any sweets. So he tried to persuade him again, "Take the sweets, dear son."

His mother also joined in and coaxed him to accept a handful, "Come on, uncle is giving you some sweets – take a few.." Yet the boy still did not pick any.

The shopkeeper thought maybe the boy is too shy. He himself took two handfuls of sweets and gave it to the child. The boy's face lit up; he was only too happy to accept them and exclaimed, "Oh thank you, Sir!"  

When they returned home, his mother asked him, "Why didn't you take the sweets when the shopkeeper offered you? There's no need to be so shy."

"Mum! I was not being shy. You see, my hands are very small and if I take the sweets from the bottle, I can only take a few. But see what happened. When the kind uncle gave them to me with his big hands... how many more sweets I got!"

When we choose and acquire from the world, we are limited by our mind's desires and expectations.. But when we pray to God to supply our wants the way He wishes and knows is best for us, He gives to us everything we could require - way beyond our needs.

Let us depend always on Him. When we rely on Him totally, we will never be short of anything, for He is the True Source of all that exists in this Universe. And His Love is unimaginable.

Bhagavan Baba says,

The Lord's grace is conferred on each devotee according to the level of that person's spiritual consciousness.  The ocean is vast and boundless, but the amount of water you can carry from it is determined by the size of the vessel you take.  If the vessel you carry is small, you cannot fill it beyond its capacity.  Likewise, if your heart is constricted, divine grace will be equally limited.  Broaden your heart and receive the plenitude of God's grace.


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