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The 1st visitor to Prasanti Nilayam from PANAMA was Dany Nandwani who came to see Sai Baba in 1962. Dany was only 19 years old then, but he was so taken with Baba that he became devoted for life. And since then his family always basked under the divine love and protective umbrella of Lord Sai.


In the year 2000, the Nandwani family was conferred a great blessing though after a huge test by Baba. Dani Nandwani's son, Ashok N. Nandwani, president of a chain of stores in a booming commercial center, was kidnapped.


A relative, who was living in Prasanti Nilayam at that time, conveyed the message to Swami about the kidnapping. Baba said: "My angels are taking care of him. Don't worry, he is with me and after 7 days I will return him, but he needs lots of prayers from everybody, so tell everyone to pray for him."


The person asked, why 7 days?


Swami replied: "God took 1 week to make the world - I promised 1week. You don't have faith, and Panama is not praying enough."


Back home, many people chanted the Gayatri Mantra daily. Mr. Nandwani was worried about his son's condition, his health, what he was eating, and on the 4th day a Sai devotee heard a voice during meditation say: "I have already fed him."


On the 7th day, the relative staying in Prasanti again got an interview in which he told Swami that there was no news yet.


Baba replied: "Where is your faith? He will be back soon." At the same moment, Mr. Nandwani got a phone call from the police informing him that his son had been found and was safe and was being taken to the hospital for a checkup. He escaped from his abductors and spent 7 days lost in the jungle avoiding wild animals and crocodiles until he found his way back to civilization!!!


Recalling another incident, a Panamanian narrates, "A devotee was driving her car which was full of ladies who were going to do service at the Mother Teresa old people's home in Colon City, Panama.  They go there every Thursday with food for everyone.  This home is close to the Free Zone of the Panama Canal, so there is lots of container traffic.. 


The lady who was driving failed to halt at a stop sign and a huge container was approaching down on their car.  The ladies in the car screamed, and when she saw it she screamed too - "Sai Ram".  The only way to avoid the accident was to accelerate the car, but in her nervousness she hit the brake.


Somehow the car was surprisingly accelerated by hitting the brake and the accident was avoided.  Later when she stopped, her friends asked why you stopped now.  She said, note down the time, because when we get home you will see there is a message for us. 


When they returned home, their maid said that in the shrine room, Swami's picture had fallen off the wall, and when the maid went to pick it up, she said Swami had winked at her from the picture!!!  The picture had fallen off the wall at exactly 12:20 PM, just the time that the ladies had noted down.  The maid is not a devotee and some of the ladies were also not devotees, but this miracle of Baba opened a new dimension in their lives." 


The ways of the Lord indeed are mysterious! 


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Om Sai Ram



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