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During the 2nd world conference of Sri Sathya Sai organizations held in Puttaparthi, besides the daily Divine discourses, there were talks by some of Swami's close devotees.

Dr. Nithyananda Menon, who was at that time a faculty member of Swami's college at Whitefield, narrated this astounding miracle in the DIVINE presence.

This incident is about a rich gentleman in Zimbabwe in Africa . At that time there was a lot of political turmoil in that country. This rich Landlord, who owned lot of properties in that country, had come to India and was staying in Bombay . He came in contact with many overseas visitors in that hotel, some of whom happened to be devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!!

He was hearing about Baba for the first time and came to be impressed by some of the miracles reported by others. Incidentally, Baba had also come to Bombay at that time and was in Dharmakshethra. Our gentleman from Zimbabwe accompanied others to have Baba's Darshan. He later followed Swami to Puttaparthi and stayed there for the next few months!!!

In Prasanthi Nilayam, he was also blessed with many interviews. Swami had explained to him the purpose of human birth in this planet and the necessity to live a pious and spiritual life. He was made to understand that divinity is inherent in all the creations and that love should be extended to and shared with all others especially those who work for him.

After a few months in the Divine presence, he was directed by Swami to go back to his country. He had to leave Prasanthi Nilayam reluctantly and reached Bombay on his way back to his country. During the entire period of his blissful days in Prashanthi Nilayam, he was unaware of the happenings around the world, especially in his own country!!!

On reaching Bombay , he came to know of the political upheaval in his country, involving the take over of the country by the natives from the minority government.

The Landlord got worried & called his ranch manager and was surprised to hear from him that though the country was passing through a state of turbulence, his ranch and properties had not been affected. On the contrary, the workers very considerate and demonstrated a total loyalty, something unbelievable! !!

On arrival in his country, he invited all the workers to his ranch the same night to have food with him. A large size photograph of Bhagavan Baba brought by him from Prasanthi Nilayam, covered with a piece of cloth, was kept near the chair. He mingled very freely with his workers enquiring about their welfare, which he had never done in his earlier days. After the food was served, he addressed the workers.

He conveyed his heartfelt thanks to all of them for their noble behavior even at the time of crisis in the nation. He told them of his meeting with the Living God in India and of the blissful days he spent in His Divine Presence, which had mellowed him into a true human being.

He further announced that he was going to show them the Living God and removed the cloth covering the photograph of Bhagavan Baba!!! But to his surprise this didn't evoke any trace of curiosity among the laborers. On the contrary they were laughing by themselves!

The labor leader got up and said; “You might have seen Him in India .. But till yesterday, we were seeing Him, here every day in our fields!!! First, we sighted Him one day far away in the Horizon when the sun was rising early in the morning. He raised His hands and blessed us. Later on He came down to us and conversed with us.

This was going on during all these days when you were away. He had taught us the importance of remaining loyal to those who were giving work and a living to us.. He had taught us the same path of love, which had been taught to you also.. It seems the very same God who happened to be with us had taken you also under His merciful fold. Yes sir, we were seeing Him almost everyday! 

This amazing disclosure of the laborer completely astonished the landlord who was with Swami all during that time at Prasanthi Nilayam!!!

Om Sai Ram




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