Monday, October 18, 2010

FROM PUTTAPARTHI..."Divine Will is the Cause of all Causes".

When the cause is known, one can know all its consequences. The entire universe was formed from the five primordial elements (prapancha), and is a projection by the Divine Will.

It is a consequence of the Will of God (Bhagavath-Sankalpa). God is the cause of all creation. Correct vision will reveal to us unity in diversity; one's limited intelligence cannot unravel it.

With distorted vision (ku-darshan), one sees only the name and form, the appearances, and therefore gets deluded and confounded. One gets tossed by likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain, elation and depression. One is aware only of the unreal which appears in diverse names and forms.

Correct vision (Su-darshan) makes you see the One in the many. It reveals unity in diversity and confers supreme delight.

  - Sutra Vahini, Chap 7, "Divine Will is the Cause of all Causes".


PS: Our month-long Video and Radio festival celebrating the 85th Year of the Divine Advent of our Beloved Bhagawan Baba begins tomorrow!

The homepage of our website too will have a new look. It is here that you can watch all these 30 episodes of the video serial "Message of the Lord".

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