Monday, July 19, 2010


Respect Ladies!!


Sai Ram.

Today, I shall share with you an incident in the interview Room. An interesting episode indeed!!

As were sitting on floor, massaging Swami's legs, my wife told Swami, that she had a question to ask.  This impertinence from my wife in the Divine Presence flared me up. I shouted at her, reprimanding her for asking Swami such a question.

Now it was Swami's turn to get angry with me. His words, "She is only asking me. Why are you raising your voice, that too in my presence?  I will deal with her and respond to her. You just keep quiet."

Swami was speaking with us in Tamil. There were devotees from Croatia, Australia, and Thailand. Then suddenly Swami switched over  to English, and  sent out a clear message for all of us assembled in the Interview room.

"Listen. Never raise your voice against women, and use harsh words, hurting their mind. Note, that in any home, where there is no respect to women, there would not be Peace & prosperity. You may gain lot of wealth, but there will not be any peace in such homes. You may have compromised peace, but the home will be afflicted with poverty. For both such instance, the men are to be squarely blamed".

"Those who worship SAI should maintain silence in their homes as much as possible. Silence is "SAILENCE". This silence builds up positive energy in the house, which we call Divine Vibrations."

In the lighter wane, Swami joked, "If at all if you wish to quarrel on any issues, please go out of the home to a secluded place like a garden, to fight it out. By the time you would have moved, your temper would have calmed down, and you will be in position to express "sorry" to each other. You may be in a position to go back to home in a happier note."

Swami is teaching us in his unique method…….

With Love & Regards,

"Mumbai" Srinivasan

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