Monday, May 24, 2010


Q: Does BABA suffer sorrow or happiness?

Swami: You see Sorrow and happiness only because of your dual nature. God only sees One, not many. Of course, the seed of activity (Karma) is there and that brings forth your destiny.

You reap whatever you have planted. God sees only one. There is a tree with its roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. It is a manifestation of many forms and attributes, which have all come from the one seed. Take the example of soil or earth.

There is sweetness in sugarcane and various fruits. The sweetness is really contained in the one earth just as the tree is in the one seed.

Similarly for all the names, forms and attributes, the One Divinity is the basis. Because I know the Truth fully, that all are Divine; that everything is Divine and that there is no Jiva (individuality) other than Divinity, there is no time or occasion when Swami has suffered pain, or pleasure, or sorrow. At no time does Swami suffer any of these things.

When someone comes to me and says that he is suffering great pain or sorrow, I very much want to feel and see what pain is like or what sorrow is like. But it has not been possible for me to experience either pain or sorrow. Since such people have not understood this aspect of Mine, I pretend and look sorrowful or as if I am suffering. I pretend, so that I may correct them, put them on the proper path and make them understand me. I am telling you these things through truthful personal experience and these are not some imaginary statements.

In me there is no such thing as sinking at some worldly sorrows or being elated at some worldly achievements. "My Life Is My Message" has been said in this context and if you try to follow me, you will also have an enormous amount of peace and bliss.

- From QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH BABA - By Eruch B. Fanibunda - 1976

Om Sai Ram

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