Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Meditation on Light


Light a lamp or a candle. Gaze straight ahead at the flame. Then take the candle flame, the Jyothi, into your heart and see it in the midst of the petals of the heart. Watch the petals of the heart unfold and see the light illumine the heart. Bad feelings cannot remain. Then move the flame to the hands and they can no longer do dark deeds. In turn move the flame in like fashion to the eyes and ears so they may henceforth take in only bright and pure sensations. Then move the light outward and into your friends, relatives and enemies, and then into animals, birds and other objects so that all are illumined by the same light.


To sit straight is important. Between the 9th and 12th vertebrae is the life-force. If the spine is injured at this point, paralysis occurs. If the body is in a straight position, as if it were wound around a straight pole, the life force may rise up through the straight body and give the quality of intense concentration to the mind. Moreover, just as a lightning rod attached to the roof of a building attracts lightning, in like fashion, a perfectly straight body provides a conductor, so to speak, for divine power to enter the temple of your body and give you the strength to accomplish your task and reach your goal. As another example, the divine power is always here, just as radio signals are here. But to hear the radio music there must be an antenna. Further, if the tuning device is not properly adjusted, there will just be some sound but no music. In like fashion, the divine power, which is always present, may flow into you if the meditation is correct and the body straight.


Brahma Muhurta means early morning, between 3 - 6 a.m. It means that the senses are quiet, not yet agitated by the day and mind is quiet from sleep. But the hour should not be taken and changed around, taking one time today and another time tomorrow. A half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening is enough for sitting meditation. If done all day along, it will lose its attraction after a couple of years. The spiritual practice should be varied for interest. Some bhajan, some repetition of the Name of the Lord, some time spent in the company of spiritual people and so on. Just as in daily life some variety makes the day interesting.


First you are in the light. Then the light is in you. Finally, you are the light and the light is everywhere. Enjoy for a while, then bring the light back to the heart and hold it there for all the day. The form of God may also be included. Krishna, Rama, Jesus, Sai, as you wish. The form of God selected may be seen in the centre of the flame wherever it is carried, and, then you are with God everywhere.

PS: Rendering service to others, without expecting service from them in return is the secret to ensure peace and prosperity for all. Karma or activity which binds is a huge, fast-growing tree. Undertake every act as an act of worship to glorify the Lord; it is like a powerful axe that can cut the root of the tree. This is the true Yagna, the most important ritual that one must practise. This sacrifice promotes and confers Brahma Vidya (Self Knowledge). The yearning to do Seva must flow in every nerve of the body, penetrate every bone and activate every cell.

A kitten simply continues mewing in its place, placing all its burdens on its mother.  The mother cat holds the kitten in its mouth and moves it to more elevated places or transports it safely through even very narrow passages. So too, the Lord will grant everything that is needed in this life, if all burdens are placed on Him and if He is pursued ceaselessly without forgetting Him for even a moment. All that is required is to place the entire burden on the Lord and surrender fully to His Will. He will certainly provide everything. Lakshmana, the dear brother of Rama, was an exemplar who followed this path of devotion called Marjalakishora. - SATHYA SAI BABA


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